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Fantasia Barrino at the age of 19 won the third series of American Idol, and became the very first ever artist to best the US Hot 100 chart with a debut single. “I Believe” stayed in the top for 11 weeks, firmly building Fantasia Album is like a new force in pop music. Fantasia went on to create stunning albums and DVDs. I began watching her on American Idol her voice was so rich with excitement. I knew she was really gifted when she had won I was so complete of joy. When I watched Fantasia’s performance of this song these days on Oprah,

I was taken aback when I realized that she was starting to cry just as I felt that familiar, subtle sting within the corner of my own eyes. I listened intently to her lyrics, not with any great expectations, but simply because it’s what I do: I adore singing along into my toothbrush as accurately as feasible to my favorite songs. Fantasia grew up singing gospel music, prompted by soul singers like Aretha Franklin, but she endured a troubled teenage life and fell pregnant at the age of 17. Just two many years later on she wowed national television audiences with passionate performances of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary”, and in addition the Gershwin standard “Summertime”.

On theĀ  night 26th 2004, Fantasia beat fellow finalist Diana DeGarmo by more than a million votes from a total vote of more than 65 million, to turn out to be the youngest ever winner of America Idol. “I Believe” is very stunning and awesome was published a month later, and it shot straight to the best from the charts, eventually getting the biggest-selling single of 2004. Her debut album, Free Yourself, hit No.8 on the album chart, and has now sold close to two million copies. Meanwhile “Truth Is” and “Free Yourself” performed well about the Hot R&B chart. Through 2005, Fantasia promoted her new album on TV shows, toured as a headliner and as support for Kanye West, and published the autobiography Existence Is Not a Fairy Tale. Her debut album acquired four Grammy nominations, and she then played herself in a Made-for-TV biopic based on her book she also played on Broadway in the color purple.

May 25th, 2010.

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